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W H A T. . . ?

Ride And Raise is a fitness events company specialising in all day spinathons (indoor cycling) to encourage people to raise money and awareness for a variety of worthwhile causes whilst keeping fit and having fun.  It was founded in November 2017.

We select some of the UK's leading, dynamic and motivating instructors to take our participants on an unforgettable journey. Our participants can either take on the ultimate challenge by themselves or share a bike and Ride And Raise as a team with friends, family or colleagues.

The more people on bikes - the more money we raise! Happy Days :)

H O W  I T  W O R K S

A Ride And Raise spinathon comprises of back to back 45 minute spin classes (ranging from 2 hours to 9 hours) by leading and motivational instructors and DJ's.


We charge each participant a minimal registration fee.


Each participant is then tasked with a fundraising target for the chosen charity.  Participants receive clear, step by step  fundraising instructions and are set up with a collective fundraising page.  


Fundraising is 100% transparent and every penny of what’s raised goes directly to the charity.


Ride And Raise is all about having fun and being part of a team to physically challenge whilst creating change for fantastic causes.



"What Ride And Raise does is nothing short of inspiring.  There's always such infectious energy to each and every event."



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